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Monday, October 13, 2008

Trash the Dress - Brick Factory

Over the weekend, I got my trash the dress photos back from the photographer. Some pretty cool shots. I'm glad I did it, just for fun. Not sure I'll actually ever do anything with any of these pictures (aside from showing them to all of you), so I'm also kind of glad it wasn't something I actually paid for.

Anyway, I got more than 600 photos back--it was insane to try to look through them all. They've been narrowed down, but I'm still going to split them into two posts for the two locations--first for the abandoned brick factory, and then for the beach.

The brick factory was such a cool location. Every time we took another couple of steps, Judy found yet another goldmine in terms of backdrops.

Umm, yeah. With this one? I was definitely afraid that old green door (that was merely balancing on a pile of scrap metal) was going to fall and cause me to land on my head. That would have made an interesting trip to the emergency room. But alas, I stayed safe. And my boobs stayed in place, too. Praise the lord.

Rickety old catwalks, all still standing. Pretty amazing.

Cold beam. COLD.

These shots with the broken down brick wall are some of my favorites of the day.

An old red chair that just happened to be sitting there. You honestly could not have set up things this cool.

This last one was clearly an old manager's office or something. All of the drywall was broken off and/or deteriorated, but there was still old office furniture up there.

I will post the beach ones later...


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

just stopped by to tell you that the ttd sessions are AMAZING!

Jenna said...

Dang!!!!! I can't believe what an unbelievable location this is. You are right, you couldn't set up anything better than this.

dimethirwen said...

Where is this brick factory? I'm always looking for cool old places to do photo shoots. :)

Katie said...

Those are wonderful!

Glory said...

Gorgeous bride with beautiful wedding dress especially in a white and sunny beach. I love beaches and I'm planning to have my wedding in the beach. So excited!