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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

DIY Aisle Runner - FAQs

Since I posted my instructions for my DIY monogrammed aisle runner, I've received many questions about it that I didn't necessarily think to include the first time around. So, in order to save myself from having to answer the same questions repeatedly, and to offer a little more help to those out there interested in DIY, here goes:

1) How do you enlarge the monogram in order to paint it?
I used Microsoft Publisher to design my monogram, so this was pretty simple. Under "Page Setup" I selected "custom" as the size and set it up to be 36" x 36". Then, I enlarged the monogram itself to cover the width of that page. Then I hit print. Simple as that. The document prints itself out over several pages (15-20 sheets maybe?) and you simply cut off the edges and tape them together. It's my understanding that this can be done in PowerPoint, too, but I don't know the specific instructions for that.

Those who don't have access to Publisher or PowerPoint can take their monogram, in JPEG form, to a Staples or a Kinkos and have it enlarged there. I believe it's reasonably priced and is an easy alternative.

2) Where did you buy the aisle runner itself?
This is actually included in the original instructions, but I still get asked. :) I bought it at Joann Fabrics. I would first check your local craft stores--Joann's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, etc.--to see what they might have. As you might suspect, I found it in the wedding section. I recommend against using the vinyl ones unless you are outdoors. I'm not sure how painting on them would work out.

You can also Google search for aisle runners online (ah, the power of Google). There are many different types and lengths of runners available. The cheapest I have found (besides Joann's) is a 75 ft. runner at Save on Crafts.

3) What fonts did you use for your monogram?
The "K" is Multu or Mutlu or something like that... I downloaded it for free on dafont.com. Our names (and the date, I believe) are in Vivaldi, which is a font that was available on my computer when I bought it.

4) Are you willing to paint aisle runners for other brides?
Yes, actually. I just started doing this recently and have already taken on a number of projects for other brides. I can do the monogram aisle runners, monogram banners, "Here Comes the Bride" banners, monogram design, and more. For questions or if you want to talk to me about possibly completing a project for you, e-mail me at roadtotheaisle@gmail.com.

5) How are you storing your runner until the wedding?
I rolled the runner back up onto itself and put it in a couple of garbage bags. As an extra precaution, I rolled pieces of wax paper in between the layers of the runner where the paint was. I was afraid of it bleeding if it were to get exposed to moisture somehow. But I don't think it's completely necessary. I rolled out my runner last week to make sure everything was holding up (since I used acrylic paint on fabric) and it still looks fine.

6) How will you roll the runner out at the wedding? Before the guests arrive or during the ceremony?
I'm not quite sure yet. I'd like to roll it out prior to the ceremony, and just have the groomsmen seat the guests from the side aisles so everyone's not walking all over it. But I have to check with the wedding coordinator at my church to see if that will work out. Also, I didn't want to roll the runner all the way out to paint it, so we will be rolling the runner from the back of the church to the front, instead of the other way around.

I hope these answers help. As always, if you have additional questions, feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment here.


christenford08 said...

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!! There aren't many things about my wedding that I am really particular about but this is one of them...so glad I found you~Thank you again!!

Jacob and Erin said...

I downloaded the font you suggested and love it... but once you download it how to you get it to publisher to use it?