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Monday, September 24, 2007

STILL waiting...

So we were really excited about getting our engagement pictures back from our photographers. We'd been waiting for four weeks, and they finally e-mailed to say they were done. They said that day that they would mail our CD with our high-res files on it. Well, it's been almost two weeks since then and we still don't have the CD. So now we're looking at six weeks total to get our pictures back!! I love them, I know they're busy (it's wedding season), but it's still REALLY frustrating.

Michael is trying to get our wedding website up, but the header of the site is designed to use three or four of our engagement photos, and we need the files to do that. I'm making save-the-date magnets, and I also need one of the engagement photo files to do that. UGH! Not having them is holding up everything.

On a happier note (or scary, depending on how I look at it), we are now under 9 months until the wedding! EEEEEK! I have a lot done already, and I'm good at managing it all, so I'm not worried... but still... EEEK!!

I need to confirm a florist, and we need to start looking at limos and cakes. And I want to make an appointment to go to Blue Heron Hills for a tasting so we can decide on the menu.

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