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Friday, November 16, 2007

No more procrastination (or excuses)

Well, at least not with my invitations. My paper arrived today from Anchor Paper. I placed the order on Monday, so I was pretty impressed it arrived so quickly. Except now, I officially don't have any excuse to not get started on making them.

I haven't completely finalized the wording and stuff on the inserts, but I can at least make the pocketfolds, and even the invitation itself.

The paper arrived packaged really nicely. It came in a big box, and all of the custom cut paper was wrapped in thick brown paper to protect it. I also requested that they send the scraps from the custom cuts--wow, they sent them, but I don't know if I'd call them "scraps"! They're huge! I will put the extra to good use, I'm sure. Here is a photo:

I ordered two packages of 250 sheets of Recycled White Classic Linen (8.5" x 11") cover weight for the invitation and the inserts. I'll have a lot of extra, but I figure I can also use it for programs, place cards, table numbers, etc. It won't go to waste.

I ordered 130 sheets of Astrobright Glisten (metallic) Lunar Blue cover weight paper for the pocketfolder itself. I had it custom cut to 16 1/8" x 7" so all I will have to do is score, fold, and make the pointed flap. I also ordered 130 sheets of Stardream Metallic Aquamarine cover weight paper for the invitation backing. I had it custom cut to 4.75" x 6.75".

It's daunting, actually... "no more excuses." *gulp*

I suppose I should get started.

Well... first, we have to move my mom into her new house this weekend. And then I have to do a few projects I owe other knotties (banners and aisle runners and such). And then...

But no more excuses.

Who am I kidding?


Jacki said...

Is there any possibility that you could send me a small swatch of that astrobright lunar blue paper?
I've been searching like a fiend for a turquose blue cardstock (or premade pocketfolds) that aren't GREEN! and I think the one you have just might be it!!! If you could send me a teeny tiny piece that'd be fantastic! If you have PayPal I can send you money for postage!

Jacki said...

oh yeah... you can email me at jmsimard@optonline.net

Ginoue said...


Would you be willing to share your instructions with me for the pocketfold and invitations. I've been looking for a project like this one for a long time, but can't find instructions. Please send it to ginoue_limpressionante@yahoo.fr

Thank you so much

micah and erica said...

Hi, yet another stranger who wants to copy you. My name is Erica, my sister is getting married in July she has spent so many hours on the internet looking for invitations she likes and guess what? Yours are the ONLY ones she likes. Do you mind sharing your instructions? I would love to be able to help her out with this.
Really cool blog by the way :)
my e-mail is heartsetfree@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

How much did it cost to have them custom cut and where did u go?

dbutterfly said...

I love your blog. I am going follow your intructions for you aisle runner. I have a little time I am not getting married until next April. It just so happens that I am using aqua as well as my wedding color. Do you have instuctions or an outline on how to make your invitations? I love your invitations.

Sandy said...

Can you tell me where you ordered your supplies from? I love your pocketfolds. They are amazing and in the same colors I am using for my wedding. Can you email me at sandraseufert@hotmail.com?

Great Job!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you mind me asking how many inserts you had for your invites? And what were the sizes of each of those?

Tina (future_mrs_eric_brown@yahoo.com)

ralaissm said...

Where did you buy the Astrobright & have it custome cut? I have been looking everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Ok so yes I too would like any information or templates taht you used. What measurements did you use to find the places where you scored the custom cut paper? If you have any templates for your inserts that would be amazing as well. You did a great job! Was it expensive to get everything through them?
Thanks so much!

Heather said...

Hey ladies--I'm not sure why there are so many questions about where I bought the paper. It says right in the post! Anchor Paper. :) I had it custom cut by them, too.

Some of your other questions (re: number of inserts, where to score the paper, etc.) can be answered by exploring other "pocketfold" or "invitations" labeled posts on this blog. You can get to them from the homepage. Just click on "invitations" or "pocketfolds" under the "Labels" section on the right side.

As for templates, unfortunately I do not share templates with others because these are my designs and in many cases, I get paid by others to do this type of work. Therefore, I can't give it away for free!

Good luck to all of you on your projects.

Thanks for your compliments on everything.