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Monday, November 26, 2007

Snuggle Bug

On Saturday, Michael's sister, Melissa, and her husband came for a visit (they obviously brought the baby, too!). It was our "Thanksgiving" together. Both Melissa and Andy had to work on Friday after Thanksgiving, so we weren't able to celebrate the holiday with them until the weekend. It actually worked out, since both Michael and I got to spend time with both families for the holiday.

As usual, I was drinking in little Brendan as much as possible. I absolutely LOVE him (duh). He's already grown so much already, but he's still tiny and perfect. Michael was getting a big kick out of him, too. As long as I've known him (and before I did), Michael's always liked babies and kids, and he's always good with them--he likes to hold babies and play with kids and stuff. I'm always so grateful for that, because I know a lot of guys aren't into that. He shares my love of kids, so I know he'll be a great daddy some day.

Brendan was so snuggly all day... I actually rocked/jiggled him to sleep twice while we were there. And I was perfectly content to let him sleep in my arms as long as he pleased.

I mean, really... is there anything cuter than a snuggly baby?

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