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Sunday, October 28, 2007

A weekend of projects

I am going in for my LASIK eye surgery on Tuesday, so I had a few projects for other brides that I wanted to be sure to complete before I went in. One is getting married in late November, the other in early December, so I knew they would be anxious to get their products completed and shipped to them so it would be one less thing for them to worry about. I don't anticipate having trouble with my eyes for too long following the surgery, but I wanted to be cautious and get these things done in advance.

Anyway, here are the latest projects:

I made this monogram banner for Melissa, who is getting married on November 23. Her colors are brown, ivory, and light pink, and she decided she wanted the big "S" to be in gold. I really love how this came out. She plans to hang it in her reception hall.

This is the other project I completed this weekend, a bride banner for Rachel, who is getting married on December 8. She wanted it to be simple, so she requested I make the banner without the ribbon edging, and using black lettering. I think it came out really nicely, and her little nephews/ring bearers will look adorable carrying it down the aisle.
This is a third project that I recently completed but never had a chance to post a photo. This is another bride banner, made for Louisa, who is getting married NEXT weekend (November 3)! I'm sure she's so excited. This photo is pretty dark for some reason, but Louisa had requested brown lettering on an ivory banner with gold ribbon edging.
As always, if you see something you like and you are interested in having me do a project for you, please contact me at roadtotheaisle@gmail.com. Even if it's something you're not sure I do, run it past me. I've had a few ladies contact me this past week with new ideas such as table squares and monogram table runners, and I'm happy and able to do those things for them, so I am!

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