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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wedding website is up and running!

My future husband, being the web developer that he is, wanted to make our own website. He didn't want to use any of the wedding website services out there (that would have been too easy!). So he spent many hours putting together this website for us... and it's finally live!

We have password protected it, since we have information on there we wouldn't want just anyone to see. It's not HIGHLY SECRET information (we're not the pentagon), but we feel like it's still probably a good idea. We provided the password on our save-the-date cards. However, if you know me (like REALLY know me), and you'd like to take a peek... e-mail me and I'll be happy to share the password with you.

Michael and I collaborated on the actual look of the site. We used my save-the-date design as inspiration for how the whole thing would look. Here are a few screen grabs:

This is the landing page. When you first go to the website, this is what you see, and where you have to enter the password.

This is the homepage. Michael designed the banner using more of our engagement photos. It's pretty cool, because when you're actually on the site, it fades in and out of color and B&W. Since we had all photos in both versions, and liked them both, he found a way to incorporate both the color and B&W pics. The banner also has a countdown to the wedding, which is fun. We also have a little welcome paragraph, a form for people to request songs for the reception, and a photo slideshow on the right.

This is one of our inside pages. Again, I've blocked out some of the details. We have a section for "Details for Our Guests" which provides additional info about the wedding that we may not have room to include on the invitations later.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I love it! My FH also is a web developer, and he defintely agrees we do not use a website service. lol

First problem, we cant decide on a domain. :p