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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Recent Monogram Designs

In addition to the aisle runners and banners I've been making for others, I've also been designing monograms. I've been meaning to get some examples up for a while now, but am just getting to it now.

When someone contacts me and asks me to create monograms, I generally create between 5-7 monogram concepts for them to look at and choose from. I can't include ALL of the monograms I've designed, but here are some examples of "FINAL" monograms--meaning the ones that have been chosen.


ralaissm said...

I am trying to make a monogram for my quickly approaching wedding... any advise?

Paint to use on a runner?
Should I print out a large one and try to trace it?

Heather said...


I use Publisher to make all of my monograms.

As for your questions about how to do your own runner, please see my posts "DIY Aisle Runner" and "Aisle Runner FAQs" under the "DIY" label on the right-hand side of the blog.

Good luck!