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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So far, so... fantastic

I had my LASIK eye surgery yesterday afternoon. And judging from the fact that I'm posting this, you can assume it all went well--it did.

I just returned from my post-op appointment this morning and I am already 20/20 in both eyes. Everything is still a little cloudy looking at this point, but it's all very normal and I'm doing really well. The doctor said I can do whatever I want now--read, watch TV, go on the computer, drive, etc. A SHOWER sounds nice, too.

I'll post something longer in the next few days to share the whole experience... I know there were several people who indicated they are interested in it and would like to know how it went. So I'll share specifics then. For now, I'm going to go veg on the couch and watch the daytime television I never get to see. And that's just the thing... I can SEE! :)

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