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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My pretty church

I love old churches.

It bothers me that nowadays (and within the last 30-40 years, actually), when they build churches, they make them look like any other building. The churches I like have the bells, the big steeples, the steps leading up to the door. The stained glass, the long aisle, the wooden pews. For whatever reason, I just feel that much more "spiritual" in a place that LOOKS like it's spiritual--if that makes any sense, which maybe it doesn't.

Anyway, I went through the whole process of becoming Catholic this past year, so when Michael and I got engaged, the hunt was on for a Catholic church that fits my standards (haha!). I just wanted it to be beautiful. I did some research on the internet, on the Diocese of Rochester's website, looking up a bunch of churches and photos of the churches and such. Then I started contacting them to see where they would "allow" us (hilarious) to get married. The choice also revolved around where we ultimately planned to hold our reception. I figured I didn't want the church and reception to be on the opposite ends of the earth, so it was important. I looked into St. Mary's in Canandaigua (GORGEOUS, but the lady that worked there that I was talking to was a real bitch--I kept thinking, how can you work in a CHURCH and be that bitchy??), St. John's (I think? It's in Charlotte), but ultimately kept coming back to St. Patrick's in Victor.

We booked our reception in Macedon, which is sort of out in the middle of nowhere, so wherever we decided to have the church, it was going to be at least a little drive. Throughout the last couple of years, I noticed St. Patrick's every time I passed by it on my way to ski at Bristol Mountain. It's just one of those churches that I really love to look at. And I contacted them, and they had our date open. So far, so good.

Today, Michael and I went to look at the inside. And it's beautiful. Just like I thought it would be. And bonus: it has the double doors at the beginning of the aisle. I LOVE weddings where there are the doors. I just think it is so much more emotional (and dramatic!) when the bridal party all walks down the aisle, then the doors shut to prepare for the bride. Then the bridal music cues and the doors open for the big reveal. I cry every freaking time.

We have to make an appointment to meet with the priest there when he gets back into town next week. He has to give us the official "yes" in order for us to get married there. I asked the woman today whether there was really a chance that he would tell us we couldn't get married there. She said probably not.

Well, he better not. It's my dream church. Don't make me go all bridezilla on you, Father. :)

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