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Thursday, July 19, 2007

To party all night long!

We booked our DJ this week. We ended up going with Fingerlakes Entertainment. Nate, the owner, was the DJ at our friends' wedding last year--Dave and Lynsay's. We liked him well enough, and the price was very reasonable--$695 for 6 hours. Unfortunately, Nate is unavailable on the day of our wedding, but he was able to hook us up with another DJ, Shaun, who works with him. Shaun apparently normally works for WBER radio in Rochester. So we're all set there.

I had also checked into Showcase Sound, but knew I didn't want them the minute they called me. It was SO obvious the girl was reading from a script, which absolutely disgusted me. It's a freaking DJ service and they feel like their employees have to read from a SCRIPT? No thanks. Plus, they were more expensive than Fingerlakes.

So there you have it. Now we just have to start putting together "Play" and "Do Not Play" lists on the website.

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