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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Weddings and babies... oh my!

We had Megan's wedding last night. It was beautiful. And it just made me all the more excited for my own. Her dress looked beautiful on her, and the reception venue (Kloc's Grove) was pretty incredible. Since the weather was so nice, they were able to set up the DJ outside, and the bar was out there as well. The only time anybody was inside was during the sit-down dinner. During the cocktail hour before, everyone was mingling outside enjoying drinks and cheese, crackers, and fruit. As soon as the cake was cut after dinner, everyone was back outside! Which, unfortunately, meant that most guests missed the cake being served. :( That was one thing that was kind of strange... they never put out any of the extra cake for later... so as a bride-to-be, I'm wondering what the heck happened to all of that cake that they paid so much money for!

One really annoying thing about planning your wedding is that everyone has a freaking opinion... about everything. Moms, grandmas, friends, coworkers... you name it. The reception start time is too late, the wedding date is too busy a time of year, etc. etc. Ugh!! I wish people would just realize that it really is our day, and we can't work around everyone else's schedule. I wish we could, but it's just impossible and causes way too much stress. And it's just a DAY. Not a week, not a year... it's not like we're asking people to block out the rest of their lives. It's just one day. Which is another insane thing in and of itself... that all of this planning goes into one measley day. But I digress...

We went shopping at Target today for Michael's sister's baby shower. She is due August 28 and the shower is next Saturday. Boy are we already spoiling this baby. We pretty much cleaned out the rest of the registry, and then bought a huge box of diapers, too. So maybe we're actually spoiling the parents, not the baby itself, haha. They don't know what they're having, so it makes it all that much more exciting. I'm trying to think exactly what we bought--a boppy pillow and cover, bottles, pacifiers, onesies... and then yeah, the diapers. I can't wait to meet the baby! And my cousin is due any day now (Tuesday, to be exact) with a baby girl so I can't wait to meet her, too.

Back to work tomorrow...

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