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Monday, July 9, 2007

We're booked for June 21, 2008!

Alright, it's official now... we're getting married on June 21, 2008.

I went today to sign the contract and drop off the deposit at Blue Heron Hills, our reception venue. I feel so much better now that it's done. I was nervous all weekend that something was going to happen and we were going to lose our date. At this point, it was just signing a contract for the date... we have to work out all of the details (food, drinks, etc.) at a later date.

I also mailed the deposit and the signed contract to our photographers this morning, so that should be all set, too.

During my lunch break, I called the church to see how we move forward to officially book our date (they have already penciled us in). Turns out we have to meet with the priest there (even though he won't be the one to marry us), but he is out the rest of the week. I have to e-mail him to see when he can meet with us and probably put some kind of deposit down to make sure the date will be ours. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out... I don't like hurdles!

We are also ready to book our DJ, but I just have to wait until we actually catch each other to talk (we've played a little bit of phone tag).

I'll feel 100x better once these four things are all taken care of. These are the things that I think are most important. Then I can move on to less important things, like flowers, cake, and limos.

Michael and I bought a new HP laptop computer last week. We ordered it on Thursday night, and it's due to arrive at our house tomorrow... I can't wait! We have a desktop at home now, but it's hard because Michael and I both kind of wrestle over it each night. And our dog, Tess, hates to hang out in the den for some reason, so it's hard with her running all over the house causing lord knows what havoc while I'm on the computer. Now, with so much wedding planning research and do-it-yourself projects, I've been spending a lot more time on the computer, and will probably continue to. So the laptop will be convenient to have. We've been wanting one for a while and decided to just take the plunge and buy one.

Yesterday, we took a trip to Circuit City to purchase a laptop bag and a wireless mouse for the new computer. We figured we want/need these particular accessories right away. We thought we would be using gift cards we received, plus a little extra money, but... four rebates later, the two items will end up being completely free! Gotta love that! It made the selection during shopping that much easier. You can't argue with a price tag on the shelf that says "$-0.01"!! The bag was regularly $59.99, but there are two rebates, each for $30. So we'll get $60 back. The mouse was regularly $29.99, but there are two rebates for that, too, each for $15. So $30 back for that. Of course we have to wait for the rebates to process and the money to arrive (rebates really are so annoying), but hey. It'll work out for us in the long run.

I'm off to figure out what the hell to make for dinner.

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