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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Step One: Boy asks girl. Girl says yes.

Michael and I got engaged just a few weeks ago, on Friday, June 15. We were preparing to head out of town on vacation the next morning. I had worked until noon and then ran errands all afternoon. We had a "to-do" list a mile long, so when Michael got home from work, we threw a couple of baked potatoes in the oven for a quick dinner. When we were finished eating, I got up to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen before getting a start on the list. Michael disappeared somewhere, which I found confusing--he usually helps with the dishes and stuff after dinner. I was a little bit annoyed, since we had so much to do. After finishing clean up, Michael still hadn't come back, so I decided to walk down the hall and see where he had ventured off to. As I approached the bedroom, I heard him call, "Heather..." and when I walked around the corner, he was on his knee with the ring box.

I proceeded to freak out (in a good way) because I was completely shocked. Obviously, we had discussed it and I knew it was coming soon, but I in no way expected it to be that day. It was low-key (at home, I was in gym shorts and a t-shirt), but romantic just the same. I wouldn't change that moment in the slightest.

We left the next morning for a week's vacation in the Outer Banks, where we celebrated all week with friends. It was perfect. Now that we're back and settled back into normalcy, we've started to plan our wedding to take place in June 2008. Fun times! There is a lot to think about, which is a bit overwhelming, but I'm good at prioritizing so I think we'll do just fine. Especially with the help of family and friends.

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