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Friday, July 6, 2007

Photographer: Check!

We went ahead and booked our photographer today. We met with another husband/wife team today, Gelfand-Piper Photography. Their work is beautiful, I absolutely love it. But they knew about our situation and trying to make a decision about whether we wanted the Krackes, so the whole meeting with kind of uncomfortable. Their coverage prices are very similar to the Krackes, but their albums are a bit pricier. Since we wanted to have the option of purchasing an album, and we had hit it off so well with the Krackes, we decided to book them.

Other photographers I love: Rachel Gracie Photography, Karin von Voigtlander, and Still Life Photography. So if you're a bride and you're still out there looking, I highly recommend taking a look at their work. We didn't end up meeting with them since we liked the Krackes and just booked them, but I have been looking at photography websites for months now and loved to visit all of these sites. All of them are really "my style," but obviously I had to pick just one.

So now we just have to send the Krackes our signed contract and our deposit money. Then we get to move forward and book our engagement session with them! I'm excited for that. Once we have the engagement photos done, it'll allow me to move forward with some other things, like save the dates and other do-it-yourself projects that I plan to use the engagement pics for. Who knows what else I will come up with?! :)

On a side note, I called today to try to finalize the booking of our reception venue, but the coordinator wasn't available to meet today. It makes me a little nervous because I don't think the place is really ours until we have signed the contract and put a deposit down, but she said she was putting our names in for our date. I hope to go in there ASAP to get it done so my mind will be at ease.

Tomorrow... Megan & Miller's wedding! Megan was one of my roommates in college. She's been engaged for two years now and is finally getting married on 7/7/07. We're looking forward to seeing everyone. Plus it will be our first wedding to attend since we've been engaged, so we'll be looking out for things we like and don't like. And it will actually probably be the last wedding we attend until we attend our own. Interesting!

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