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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dresses for the girls

I finally placed the order for the bridesmaids' dresses on Friday morning. That was a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. I waited as long as I possibly could to order because one bridesmaid has been trying to get pregnant, and then others have been trying to lose weight. Now, with only five months left to go, we had to buckle down and do it.

The girls were all great--they went and got measured when I asked them to, and handed in their measurements on time. I feel so lucky for that. I know there are many brides out there who have trouble with this sort of thing. My girls? Fantastic.

We picked out the bridesmaid dress all the way back in July. When I saw it in the store, I liked it, and the sample dress is also responsible for the color we ultimately chose for the wedding. I had gone in thinking that I was going to have a red wedding--red bridesmaid dresses, red and white flowers, etc. and I came out with a completely different feel for everything.

Here is the dress:

I absolutely love the aqua color. Now that we've been working and planning with this color for a while, I'm so thrilled with it. It'll give the wedding a nice, summery feel, which is perfectly appropriate for a June wedding. I like the tea-length, and the girls do, too. I think they are more flattering than long dresses, and it'll keep the girls cooler. It's also a chiffon material, not satin or anything.

We're going to go shopping to find silver shoes.

Perhaps the best thing about this dress is its price. It was around $160 in the bridal shop, which we thought was good, but I was able to find it online at Lee Philip Bridals for $106. Normally there is free shipping if you ship the dresses all to one address, but we had to send my cousin hers in Virginia because it's likely we won't see her before the wedding. So with the shipping split between everyone, the total cost of the dresses was $110 per girl. Yay! Of course, they'll all have to get alterations, but I'm happy we started with such a reasonable price.

They're scheduled to arrive in 12-16 weeks (end of April/early May), but we're hoping they come in a little faster. We'll see.

Now I'm just praying that everyone was measured correctly, we interpreted the size chart correctly, and when they come, they fit everyone.

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pinkfuzzyblanket said...

hi, came across your blog linked from the destination wedding forum, i think. just wondering, what is the style number of your jasmine bridesmaids dresses?