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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Reception Coordinator? GONE.

Well, we've hit a snag.

On Friday, I e-mailed our reception coordinator to schedule a time to go in to taste some of the food so we can finalize our menu selections. We need to finalize the menu selections so that I can finalize the RSVP cards, and maybe FINALLY get going on our invitations (even though I'm still not done with the pocketfolds--yeah, I'm a loser).

On Saturday morning, I wake up to find an e-mail from said coordinator. Only the e-mail informs me that as of the first of the year, she's no longer working for our reception venue. That's just fabulous. First problem with this situation: I feel like we should have been notified of this change prior to me e-mailing her. Second problem: Part of the reason we booked this place is because we loved the coordinator so much. We were completely confident that she would do her best to make the reception go as smoothly as possible. She was also extremely flexible--was willing to bend a few rules here and there, throw in a few extras, etc.

In her e-mail, she explains that I should contact the GENERAL MANAGER (note, NOT a new coordinator) for all future inquiries about our wedding reception. Great. So I e-mail the guy and express my concern over the fact that the coordinator is no longer there. I explain that one of the major reasons we booked there was because of her, and said that I hoped we can count on them to assign someone else to our wedding in the same capacity as the former coordinator. I also explain that we'd really like to set up a meeting, especially now that we're dealing with someone new. Not just to taste the food and select the menu, but to make sure we're all on the same page, and to nail down a few other details (linens, centerpieces, setup, decor, etc.). I know it's the weekend, but these people work on the weekends--and I have yet to hear from them.

This makes me very nervous.

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Anonymous said...

I also found out my reception coordinator was gone. I had called to set up a time to do food tasting and I asked to speak with the coordinator. The lady on the phone said she would have her call me back. A few seconds later the lady on the phone called me back and said that she was the new coordinator (she apparently did not know the name of the old coordinator). I was not happy about this. They could have told me that the coordinator was leaving. I am very nervous about this new lady. She didn't seem to know what is going on.