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Thursday, January 17, 2008


Tonight, I worked on the seemingly endless task of making my pocketfolders for my invitations. I've been trying to do 10 of them at a time whenever I get the chance, but unfortunately, the last few weeks, I have really had ZERO chances. So tonight, I buckled down and actually tackled 20 of them.

After I was finished, I looked at my pile of paper and momentarily thought, "Man, I am barely getting anywhere with these things! Look at that paper and how many I have left to do still!" And then it occured to me to count the ones I had finished. So I quickly counted up the pocketfolds that are complete, and surprisingly (but at the same time, not surprisingly--I've worked on them quite a few times!), I have 91 of them finished. I only need a total of approximately 130. Then, I looked back at my pile of custom cut paper for the pocketfolds, and I realized--there is no way that is only 40 sheets of paper. I went ahead and counted the sheets and not only do I have the 40 for the remaining 40 pocketfolds I need to make, but I have 50 additional sheets!

Jackpot! I'm not sure if it was intentional or unintentional on the part of Anchor Paper, but thanks, Tom!

With those extra sheets, coupled with the big scraps I have from the custom cutting Anchor did, I think I have enough paper to make the covers of our programs. By my count, I have enough to make approximately 75 programs--if we only hand them out one per couple or family, I think that will be plenty (200 guests invited). I had planned on ordering more paper for them--again cut to a custom size to save me some time--but if I don't use all this extra paper for programs, I'm not quite sure what I'll use it for. I'd hate to see it go to waste. So we'll see what happens. Tom might've just saved us some money.

Not only am I happy about the discovery of extra paper, but I'm also ecstatic that I only have 40 pocketfolds to go. It's a huge relief. Then onto the next stage of the invitation process--finalizing the design of and printing the inserts.

1 comment:

Kelly Rose said...

Hi Heather!
I really like your blog and all of your DIY related wedding projects!

We're getting married in July (which makes me think of everything left on my "to-do list"...yikes!!) so I've really enjoyed seeing your process.

I LOVE your pocketfolds...I've been trying to decided to attempt to DIY or purchase them. I noticed that you mentioned that you would post step by step instructions for them, but I couldn't find that post at all. I'm really interested in the process for each one...can you either post that or direct me to that post?

Thanks so much!
Kelly Rose