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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ten days later: Not even half done

I posted back on December 9 that I had started making the pocketfolds for my invitations, and I was planning on doing at least 10 of them a night.

Well, as it turns out--it's 10 days later and what do I have? 41 of them done (only 30 completed in 10 days). Oops. Oh well, progress is progress... right?

At least I believe I have now figured out a solution to the adhesive problems I was having. I went back to the knottie who had recommended the Super Tape in the first place to ask her if there was something I was doing wrong. At first, she was completely baffled as to why I was having such problems. The next morning, I got another e-mail with a lovely little piece of info. She remembered. She had used the tape on BOTH SIDES of the pocket. So tape is sticking to tape in the middle, and there is not as much strain on the pocket when the inserts are inside because the extra layer of tape adds a little bit more depth to the pocket.

Needless to say, I'm ecstatic to have the problem solved. I've been making the pocketfolds and then putting them under heavy weight for at least 24 hours to help bind the adhesive and pockets together, before placing them in a box for storage.

One thing that sort of sucks about this solution--it means I needed to place another order for Super Tape. I'll need twice as much as I thought. Which equals more $$$. But if it means the pockets are going to stay together, it's worth it. I just hope that when I add up all of the costs at the end of this process, I still find that I've saved money over buying them pre-made.

I have my week+ off of work coming up for the holidays, so I'm hoping I'll be able to be really productive and get some things crossed off the "to do" list. After the pocketfolds, I'm planning to begin printing the invitation component, and then the inserts. I'm still trying to finalize the design/layout of all that, and then figure out where I'm going to take them to get them cut.

Let's see where I stand in another 10 days.

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