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Sunday, August 24, 2008

FOR SALE: Table Number Luminaries

Next up are my table number luminaries.

Here is a picture of one of them at the wedding. All the pictures I have were taken when it was still light outside. They were beautiful on the tables, and looked better and better as it got darker outside (we had a lot of natural light in our venue). Obviously, they were useful as our table numbers, but they also added to the overall look of our tables and centerpieces.

Here is a picture that I took of one of them yesterday:

We have 16 luminaries. Table numbers 1-15, and then a "Mr. & Mrs." luminary that we used for our sweetheart table.

They are in really good shape. We used mini pillar candles inside of them. They melted down quite a bit, but probably still have a few hours of burn time left on them. Or, you can obviously put a new candle in each of them. The mini pillars are available in 8-packs at Michael's or probably any of the other craft stores for $5.99 per pack.

The candles we had in there melted down flat, so you could actually just set a new candle on top of the old one. Or, the candles should be easy to remove if you chill the glass a little bit (stick them in the freezer--instructions can be found here, or through a simple Google search). The candle should pop right out with a butter knife and a little effort.

Here is a picture of what the insides look like (also taken yesterday):

I'd really like to sell these to someone who is also using the aqua color for their wedding. Trying to remove or replace the ribbon may damage the surface of the candle, and plus it is a whole lot of extra work for you! So for you aqua brides... they are up for grabs!

I'm asking $40 for the 16 luminaries. Need a few more table numbers? I'd be happy to use these four extra glass cylinders (if they are not already sold!) to make them for you for an extra $20, or $5 each. The extra cost is to cover the extra supplies used and my time to make them.

I would LOVE to sell these to a local bride so we can arrange pick-up/drop-off instead of having to ship them. Any takers? Even though I would prefer to sell locally, I am willing to sell them to an out-of-towner, too.

E-mail me at roadtotheaisle@gmail.com if you would like to purchase.

All buyers are responsible for shipping costs and optional insurance. All sales are final.


Sara said...

I would love to buy your luminaries but I am a purple bride. I was wondering how you affixed the vellum paper to the glass vase? Love the font too which is it?

Anonymous said...
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KWChick said...

Are these still available?

Where are you located?

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful! how did you make these??

Courtney said...

Your luminaries are beautiful.

Did you end up selling them? Aqua/turquoise is my color for August (and I'm in Buffalo!).

April Blais said...

How do u make these? They are beautiful and be perfect for my June wedding :-)