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Sunday, August 24, 2008

FOR SALE: Votive Candle Holders

Last up (for now)... votives!

We used these as part of our centerpieces. We used four votives for each table. Loved the candlelight, it was all so beautiful!

I have almost six dozen of these. I had six dozen, but two mysteriously disappeared (who knows?). So it's a total of 70 votives. The candles have been burned for several hours, but do have quite a bit of burn time left in them. The candles can be removed easily by sticking them in a freezer and then popping out the old candle with a butter knife, and the votive holders can be washed. New candles can then be inserted.

I'm asking $25 for all.

E-mail me at roadtotheaisle@gmail.com if you would like to purchase.

All buyers are responsible for shipping costs + optional insurance. All sales are final. Payment will only be accepted through Paypal.

1 comment:

Adria said...

do you still have these?