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Sunday, December 2, 2007

DIY Unity Candle? Wayyyy Easy.

Finally, a DIY project that didn't cause any stress. I didn't run into any problems. It was straight-forward as a project can be.
I bought a 3" x 9" white pillar candle at AC Moore on Friday. It was $5.99, but I had a coupon, so it was only $3.20, I believe. Today, I printed our monogram on vellum paper, cut the paper down to size, then wrapped it around the candle. I secured one end of the vellum to the candle with rubber cement, wrapped the paper around, then stuck the end on top of the other end with small glue dots. I then secured 5/8" aqua ribbon to the edges of the vellum (also using glue dots).

And tada.... done.

That was way too easy.


Amy said...

That looks beautiful! What did you use to design your monogram?


Heather said...

Thank you. I always use Microsoft Publisher to design monograms.

Kim said...

Will you please please please let me know what font you used? I've searched for fonts that I like and I don't like any of them but love the font on yours!