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Monday, December 3, 2007

Tanya & Jalal

I finished painting a monogram aisle runner for Tanya and Jalal tonight. They are getting married next September.

This project was a bit of a challenge. I was painting on a new brand of aisle runner that I haven't used before, and it wasn't taking the paint as well as the other ones I've used. I had to go over everything with the paint three times, but it is done, and it looks really nice.

Tanya and Jalal have a shorter aisle, so I custom cut this runner to 50 ft. before I painted it. I also designed this monogram for them.

I hope you like it, Tanya... we'll get everything finalized and I'll get it off in the mail to you later this week!

I'm running a bit behind (by my standards) on orders at the moment. I apologize to anyone who is waiting for something, but the holiday season has been really busy for me so far. Luckily, I only have one client whose order is kind of urgent (getting married 12/31), and all of you others are being patient, which I appreciate. Since I do these projects in my spare time, and my spare time has been lacking, you can understand why I'm not cranking them out as quickly as I'd like. But I'm working on it, and you should have your products very soon. I promise!

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