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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Early Christmas

Michael's sister and her husband have to work on Christmas Eve, so in order to come up (from three hours away) and celebrate Christmas with the family, they had to come up early. They came yesterday and we had an early Christmas get-together. We also exchanged gifts with them. It was also an opportunity to see our baby nephew, Brendan, again... he's growing so fast now that we love to see him whenever possible.

A few photos from yesterday:

He's a thumb-sucker. Too cute with his Santa hat.

Sleeping Santa

Cristina (Michael's sister, bridesmaid) and me

Is he not the cutest baby ever? Toothless smile! Uncle Michael was making him laugh.

He's showing an early interest. No, no, Brendan... you still have 20.5 more years to wait for that!

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