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Monday, December 17, 2007

Marcy's Plans for New Year's Eve

She's getting married! And she'll be walking down the aisle on this:

The holiday season has been super busy for me. I've been trying to balance work, the activities associated with Christmas (shopping, parties, etc.), my own DIY projects for our wedding, and projects for other brides--such as aisle runners, banners, and monograms. The projects for other brides have suffered the most. With that, I just mean I have not completed many of them.

Marcy's aisle runner, however, was a huge priority because she is getting married in two weeks! So this will be shipping out to her tomorrow. A lovely little holiday gift that should be there (in Florida--I'm so jealous) within a few days. :)

For those of you still waiting on a project... have no fear! They'll get done, I promise. And for those of you thinking about placing an order... the sooner you get on my order list, the better. I've been trying to plan out how I'm going to handle the projects when my own wedding gets closer. I imagine I'm going to have to take a hiatus at some point. Hopefully I'll at least be good to complete other projects through March or early April. But stay tuned for details on that...

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