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Friday, December 28, 2007

Door-to-door service

We woke up this late this morning (ahhh, the joy of vacation!), had some breakfast... and then I randomly asked Michael if maybe he wanted to take a ride out to look at some limousines for the wedding. I figured we might as well take the opportunity and get something else checked off of the list.

I started my research for limos a couple of months ago, and had called a number of companies. The best prices with the best product, I found, were seemingly through Excel Limousine Service. I actually know one of the drivers (Dave) that works for them, so I called him to ask what he could get us for pricing. He came back with $1,084 for an 18-passenger limo coach, with a five-hour wedding package--and that price includes the tip for the driver and any taxes.

It's expensive (I mean, really... holy shit!), but it was the best price I found from a company I felt was reputable. The only thing was that we didn't want to book it without actually looking at the limo in person. We just wanted to make sure it was as good as it looked on the website. So Michael agreed and we drove the 20-25 minutes to the place to check it out.

And it looked great. Very comfortable, roomy, and "plush" looking. Cushy leather seats, it was very clean, etc. Here are a few photos from the company's website:

Nice, huh? Looks like it'll be very easy to get into and out of, even while wearing a huge dress. I hate getting into and out of regular limos in normal clothes, I can't imagine doing it with a wedding dress.

The people at Excel were helpful and friendly. Oh, and Dave gets to be our driver.

So that was that. We signed a contract. We were required to put down a $250 deposit, which is refundable if we decide we want to cancel (as long as it is more than 60 days from our wedding date). I thought that was nice--if we run into some trouble with budgeting, we can always cut out the limo as a last resort. I don't anticipate such troubles, but it's nice to know that cushion is there since it's not with so many other vendors (understandably so).

This was a very low-priority item for us. We actually could have done without it if we needed to, but we decided it would be a nice way to have the bridal party travel to/from the church, around for photos, and to the reception. It'll keep everyone together and will give us some time to enjoy some champagne and beer with our closest friends right after the ceremony.

I'm not sure we really have too many more things to book--we're almost done. Now if I could just make some more progress on my DIY projects...

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