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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

450 cuts = $4

Last week, we finally printed out our invitations. I designed them in Microsoft Publisher a few months ago. We printed them two to a page, and I knew from the beginning that there was not a chance I was going to cut them all myself. Not just that, but we will have inserts (3-4 per invite) that will need to be cut, too. That's way too much cutting for my little Fiskars to handle. I wanted really clean, straight lines. I also didn't want to spend the HOURS and HOURS it would take to do them all myself.

We have a copy center at work. I called down and asked how much it would cost to cut 75 sheets of paper (for 150 copies of the invitation), and sent a PDF of the document so she could see how many cuts it would take. She got back to me and said $4. I said, DEAL.

So I dropped them off at the copy center downstairs from my office, and picked them up the next morning. And they turned out fantastically. I was a little bit worried handing it off (worried about straight lines, words getting cut off, etc.) but it turned out the slight anxiety was for nothing.

By my calculations, that $4 saved me from making a total of 450 cuts.

Next up: the pocketfold inserts!


ralaissm said...

So did your copy center print your image and do the cuts? Or just the cuts?

Heather said...

We printed them. The copy center just cut them.

Kate said...

These are fantastic and so beautiful! Would you mind sharing the PDF you created?


Anonymous said...

what copy centre did you go to? is it like a staples, office depot or kinkos?