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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Calm before the storm

We are starting our kitchen project tomorrow. Why we decided we needed this extra stress right now, I'm not sure. It's going to be awesome when it's done, though.
We are ripping out our floors in the kitchen (linoleum) and dining area (carpet) to put down wood laminate in their place. Also, we are adding a pantry cabinet on the other side of the refrigerator to add more storage (will come in handy for the wedding gifts!). Other than that, we are just doing a few other cosmetic things... new molding along the floor in the kitchen, finishing off some countertop things that we didn't do when we first installed it 2.5 years ago, etc. Oh, and we're replacing the light fixture in the dining room. It's so ugly--I have no idea why we didn't replace it when we first moved in. We replaced every other light fixture in the house... why not that one?

Anyway, the house is a mess because we've already started some prep stuff, but here are some photos we took tonight to serve as "before" photos:

From our dining area, looking into the kitchen. Both the carpet and the linoleum there will be GONE! We also want to get a new dining room table, but will likely wait until after the wedding (even though it will be KILLING me! I want to replace it so badly).

A closer shot of the kitchen floor. Nothing in particular that is wrong with it. It's not even that ugly. I just hate linoleum, and we've lived with it long enough.

A wide shot of the dining area/kitchen. The new pantry cabinet (24" wide) will go to the right of the refrigerator there, where the wine rack and Tessa's crate is in this photo.

The demolition crew (AKA family and friends) comes tomorrow morning. Should be an action-packed day.

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