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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Carrie & Paul

Here is a monogram aisle runner I made this week for Carrie and Paul. Their wedding is coming up next month. I also designed the monogram.

Carrie, I'm going to hold this until the end of the week because I will have another order to send out at that time... I'm trying to consolidate trips to the post office. I hope you like how it turned out!

For the rest of you... are you bored when I post pics of this stuff? At first I was doing it to show examples of my work, but even now, with several things up, I still like to post them. One, it gives the client a sneak preview of their product. Two, it makes me feel accomplished (another one down!). Three, I think it's fun to see how different they all turn out. Since they are customized, they all are unique in their own way. Anyway, I hope everyone else enjoys seeing it all. And if not... too bad, I guess! :)


Linda said...

I certainly enjoy seeing the aisle runners that you made. I kind of saw it as a marketing tool. People would see them on your blog and want to buy one!

srb said...

Oh my goodness! Your work is absolutely divine! I wish I could simply make a monogram on the computer (which by the way, I have been trying & trying to do). I also would like to make my own runner, but can't get past step one with the monogram! If you offer 'Monogram 101', please do tell! You can feel free to check out my site at www.weddingbycolor.com. I am under the blue bio...'gratefulbride'. I found you because I was googling a diy photo cardbox idea.

Thanks, & Happy Planning to you!

Heather said...

srb--Thank you for your compliments. I do not offer "Monogram 101" but I know there are instructions out there somewhere on the internet. Sorry I can't offer more help. Aside from that, I am a bride for hire, so I do make monograms for other people.