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Monday, February 18, 2008

Decisions, decisions

Some things were easy to register for. Other things? Not so much.

One of the most difficult decisions to make has been the dinnerware. We are not registering for fine china because frankly, we have no use for it, and more than that, we have no place to store it. So we want to replace our cheap Target dishes with something better.

Currently, we have a light green/dark blue theme going on in our house. In these photos, you can see the wall color (which is the same throughout the "common areas" of the house), and couch color (the couch can be seen from the kitchen and dining area).

We are hoping to get rid of that dining room table right after the wedding. Anyway...

Michael is pretty neutral on this stuff, so I am going back and forth between three different sets of dinnerware. All are microwave/dishwasher safe, and they are relatively the same price. What's a girl to do?

Option #1 - "Misto" Dinnerware at Bed Bath & Beyond

Pros: I like that you can mix and match the shapes. We like the round dinner plates with the square salad plates. Each piece is sold individually (at $5.99 or $6.99 a piece), so it's easy for guests to buy whatever is in their budget.

Cons: In person, the color on each piece is not really consistent. It seemed like some where a lot lighter than others. Not exactly the color I was looking for, but pretty. Also unknown about the durability of this stuff--I've heard of some possible chipping problems, but not sure of the validity of that. No matching/coordinating serving pieces.

Option #2 - "Colorwave Quad" Dinnerware at Bed Bath & Beyond

Pros: I like the color, and the shape. It's "stoneware," so technically speaking, it should be more durable. Very "clean" looking. Has a few serving pieces that go with the set.

Cons: Too heavy? They have more of a "modern" look--will they go out of style? Not as classic? They are sold in sets of four place settings--not sure if that is a con, or actually a pro.

Option #3 - "Fiestaware" at Macy's

With this stuff, I'm not really sure what we would do. I was thinking of possibly mixing up the colors. Maybe getting four place settings in the cobalt (dark blue, top), and four place settings in the turquoise (greenish-blue, bottom). Or, maybe all eight in cobalt. Hmmm.

Pros: I like that you can mix and match the colors. I also really like the colors themselves. Many great reviews on the Macy's website, seems everyone thinks they are really durable--will last for years. Easy to find replacement pieces. Many, many matching serving pieces, placemats, etc. to go along with them.

Cons: Not sure which direction to go with the colors. Also, over time, will we get sick of the colors?

Anyone out there? Thoughts? Opinions? I could use some help making a decision.


Anonymous said...

I love my fiestaware. Its very durable - microwave, dishwasher, oven. I have a mix of 4 colors. I started with one and have added pieces here and there. I live about an hour from one of their outlets (WV). They have a semi-annual sale on their seconds - I love shopping that sale! They are timeless pieces that will last forever. My grandmother has fiesta that is over 30 years old.

Linda said...

I tagged you on my blog!

Bex said...

I realize that you posted this a while back now, but I just had to say that my FI and I also registered at BB&B. I was completely stressed about everyday dinnerware! For about a week before we registered I kept showing him pattern after pattern begging for opinions b/c there was nothing that I really liked! Finally I decided on registering for some of their dishes that are sold seperately, but the manager at the store that was "assisting" us came up and told me that they will break after using them a few times and we will constantly be replacing them. *OMG!* It shot my stress level through the ceiling! We ended up registering for the Noritake Colorwave (like yours, but the round ones) in Raspberry. I'm still not completey sold, but oh well.

BTW, great blog. I wish I would have found it sooner. Good luck with everything in the next couple weeks!

marci.licious said...

Love your blog. Can I ask what you went with and how you like it? Currently trying to decide on dishes myself.