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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Soooo big!"

Michael's sister, brother-in-law, and our nephew came to visit on Saturday. And boy, the baby is certainly getting big. And his favorite little game seems to be the whole, "How big is Brendan? Soooooo big!" He is too damn cute.

Here we are, playing:
I love his little face. He is so damn cute, I could just eat him up.

Here is Michael's birthday present from baby Brendan--"World's Coolest Uncle":
At dinner, Melissa was feeding him his cereal and they wanted him to try applesauce for the first time. It was actually his first taste of fruit. Apparently you start with vegetables first so you can properly condition the palette. If you feed fruit first and get them used to it, all vegetables are going to taste nasty and bland following the fruit.
He was hilarious. The faces he made were priceless. He kept squinting his eyes together and making faces as if the applesauce was too tart. So cute and funny. Here are a few pics of him enjoying (or becoming traumatized by) his applesauce and cereal:

Melissa can get him to smile in almost every photo she takes of him now. It is adorable. Brendan and me--such a happy picture:
Almost the whole family in the living room playing with Brendan: for "tummy time":
Michael and me--less than four months to go now!

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