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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heather called. She wants her life back.

There are 128 days. Only 128 more days until we finally get married, and throw a hell of a party with our family and friends. Arguably, it could be the best day of our lives (exciting). Only 130 days until we leave for almost two weeks in Hawaii, which will likely be the vacation of a lifetime (so fun). Only 127 days to get everything done that needs to be done (scary). Time is certainly ticking.

But not fast enough.

At least not today. Because at this point, I have 128 days until I GET MY LIFE BACK.

People keep telling me to enjoy the engagement, enjoy the wedding planning process, etc. And don't get me wrong--it has been fun. It's exciting to look forward to our "big day," and it's been romantic, in a lot of ways, to go through this together.


The last few days, I've just started to think about what life used to be like before the time crunch started. When we used to wake up in the morning on a Saturday and ask each other, "what do you want to do today?" "I don't know, what do you want to do?" Or when after work during the week, our biggest challenge was figuring out what we were going to make for dinner, and what TV we were going to watch. Maybe we had a few leisurely errands to run. But overall, we had FREE TIME.

Now, every week, it is something different for the wedding. Or projects for someone else's wedding. These projects and tasks seriously eat into our (mostly my) free time. When I have a day or an evening when I don't accomplish something in particular, I feel stressed about it.

For the longest time, we felt busy with wedding stuff, but there really wasn't that much that we had to do. Once we had all of the big things booked, it felt like all we were doing was waiting around for the day to get here. Then December (holiday rush!) hit, then January, and now February. All hell has broken loose.

And as fun as it is, and as excited as I am, there is a big part of me that is just really ready for all of this to be over.

Looking back, I am tremendously grateful for something. I am so glad we chose a June wedding date. When we first got engaged, we talked about a wedding "sometime" in the summer of 2008. I was leaning heavily toward June or September. Ultimately, we decided June was better because of my work schedule. But my other reason, I told Michael, was because I wanted to "get it over with" so we could enjoy at least part of the summer.

Thank God for my foresight.


Gia said...

I hear you. We have 9 days left and I am ready for all the planning and projects to be over so I can just enjoy the wedding and my new life with my husband!

I have really enjoyed reading about your wedding planning process.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! I have 42 days left. I'm so ready for the wedding to be over with so our life can go back to normal. I used to love talking about the wedding, but now that is all people ever talk to me about. EVERY SINGLE DAY someone says something about how it's getting closer! I just want to go one day without talking about it! Ahh!

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

hi there! i found your blog via your tag from silly little mischief and i have added you to my reader! i'm so excited to hear about your time as you march towards the wedding day!

re: your message - I feel your pain! I still have until December and I'm dying under the weight of wedding related projects!