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Monday, July 14, 2008

In Limbo

Now that I'm married, I'm not really sure what to do with myself. I'm referring to my blog, of course. ;)

The way I see it, there are a few options. I'll go over them, and then I'll recap some of my feelings on each of those options.

1) I could keep posting here, even though most of the stuff I post from now on won't be wedding related.

2) I could keep posting on Road to the Aisle for the last few remaining wedding things (pictures, some of my last projects, etc.) and then just stop posting.

3) I could keep posting on Road to the Aisle for wedding things, but start a new blog for everything else. The two blogs could be linked together under my Blogger account, and I can kind of coexist on both of them.

OK, those choices seem simple enough. But I run into little problems with each option.

For option #1... I am attached to Road to the Aisle. It started off as a little blog, a tool for me to use to keep a "diary" for myself during the wedding planning. I had never seen a wedding blog (now I see them everywhere!), and thought it would be something fun for me. And to my surprise, it has turned into so much more. I never expected anyone to actually read it, but they do.

At the same time, it doesn't feel "right" to stay here. I want Road to the Aisle to continue to be a place for brides-to-be to go, to use it as a resource for ideas and instructions for projects. Do I really want to flood it with a bunch of non-wedding related stuff? I have problems with that.

Option #2... I could just stop posting. I have definitely thought about it. Blogging is not always the easiest thing to do, which is evidenced by the fact that I have seen many abandoned blogs out there. Months pass with no new posts. It's sad, really. Well, unless the person was never really interesting in the first place. I hope that's not me.

The problem with stopping, however... I really love having a record of the past year of my life. Not just the wedding stuff--I love being able to look back through the archives and see last summer's trip to the Poconos. The announcement regarding our nephew being born. My LASIK eye surgery. Thanksgiving with my family. When I was younger (we're talking middle school days), I was pretty good about keeping journals. It is hilarious to go back and read some of the entries and see where my mind was at during those times. There are things in there that I would NEVER remember had it not been for the journal.

Last summer, my mom gave me a journal she kept when I was little. I think I'm between the ages of maybe 18 months and 3 years old. Sometimes, she was good at keeping it up, with multiple entries over the course of several weeks. Other times, you'd see that months would go by without any writing. But some of the stories in there? Priceless. They're mostly stories about my brothers (who were babies) and me. Mostly, the things I would say. And we all know how funny kids can be. If she hadn't written those things down--they would have been gone forever.

In so many ways, blogs are journals. Public ones, sure... but journals, nonetheless. With pictures, videos, etc. they are even better than the old ones.

So in that sense, I do NOT want to stop blogging. Will I post as often as I did throughout those last few months of wedding planning? Probably not, but who knows.

That leaves me with option #3. This seems like the best option. Only issues I have here are: a) my previously mentioned attachment to Road to the Aisle--it's hard to give up.

b) I have no clue what to name it. I've thought about sticking with some kind of "Road" theme, but many of the names I have thought of are taken already (well, the blogspot name/URL is taken). I've thought about going in a completely different direction. And what is the "theme" of this new blog? Is there one? I try to think of a design for it (the header), and even that seems impossible.

c) I wonder, will anybody even read it? What is the point if nobody reads? But then I remind myself about the things I discussed regarding option #2, and stopping blogging. I go back to the root of why I started blogging in the first place. It's for me, not for anyone else.

So there you have it. I suppose there will be some kind of changes on the horizon in terms of this blog... I'm just not 100% sure which direction to take it in.

I'm open to suggestions, should anyone have any. I need to get this figured out so I can stop losing sleep and move on with my life (kidding, kidding!!).


Amy said...

Option #3 would work. You can just post your new link to your married blog on there, and just keep Road to the Aisle up for brides. :)

Titles can be hard...

"The Road Home" maybe?

No idea...good luck with it!

Jen said...

How about After the Aisle....

I think that a lot of brides love your designs so as long as you get hits on it, it might be worth it to keep that side up - espc since you take orders for some of your projects.

I've loved following your projects throughout my wedding planning process. You make the projects seem like they are something that is do-able. I've bought supplies to attempt to make some jewelry, aisle runner, and programs. I've also enjoyed seeing how all your stuff came together to make your wedding a beautiful one!

So I think option 3 would probably be my choice. :) Even if you didn't update the bridal one much - you still have a lot of good stuff in there...

Good luck!

Giving you Substance! said...

Keep blogging!! I enjoy reading your blog! I love reading about your projects!

Congratulations and Best Wishes!


Deanna said...

Oh please don't stop blogging! I have been thinking the same. "what will she write about"? lol.

I can't wait to see you wedding pictures and how everything came together.

Option 3 does seem like the best option though. Your new blog I am sure will have readers. If they are anything like me,I feel I have a friend, whom I know alot about, but have never met. If that makes sense. So yes I say Option 3~

Heather said...

Keep blogging!

If it were me, I would go with two blogs.

A new one for you, and keep Road to the Aisle for banners, runners, or whatever else anyone orders from you. (If you are going to keep that up as a side business.) That way it will always be a 'Road to the Aisle'. New brides are beginning this journey of planning everyday.

But do keep blogging. Because even though you aren't dealing personally with wedding stuff anymore, we were with you when you were and we feel like we know you know, like we're friends. And who doesn't like to keep posted on what friends are up to?

Sara said...

I agree, you should keep Road to the aisle open for us brides to use and so we have a way to access you (I am planning on ordering an isle runner from you at some point) you have given all of us brides such inspiration and I love looking back at your old posts for ideas! I like Jen's idea of "after the aisle" for your new blog

Dana said...

I like choice number 3. I enjoy seeing your projects and hearing about your life. Can you tell me which vendor did you use for names on your bridesmaids bags?

Anonymous said...

option 3!!!

I just love your writing but most especially your choice of words. You have given me inspiration that I too can save and be a DIY bride.
Thanks for that.

what you will write will sure be interesting.

Anonymous said...

i also am going to say option 3..i like how you'll have a seperate one-so this one i, as well as all other brides-can go to just to find out wedding stuff..then if we want-which i know i will, ha-we can go to your other blog to read about your daily life! keep posting though whatever you do!

Anonymous said...

I think you should keep the blog, but start doing an advice for current brides. You are so resourceful. Brides could send you questions that you can post and include your answer...like a Dear Abby for brides.

Mirinda said...

I think Option #3 as well! I love reading your blog, I check it as often as I can. I know that a lot of brides to be such as myself are still following the blog very closely to see what married life is truly like. I want to see what happens in the future for you and your husband. I would be so dissapointed if you stopped the blog. I do like the title "After the Aisle" or "The winding Road", anything just so long as you dont stop blogging!

karthika said...


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