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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Table Delivered!

Our new dining table and chairs were delivered yesterday!

When Michael got home from work, we tinkered with a couple of different ways to set it up, and ultimately decided to put it the same way we had our old table. Only difference is... this one looks MUCH better. :)

It's going to take some getting used to. The table is taller, and square (our old one was oval), so it's just a completely different style. Now we can't wait to have people over and entertain!

A few pictures from yesterday...

The empty dining area, before the table arrived (don't mind the lingering wedding crap in the corner)

The table, after it first arrived. This is with the butterfly leaf in use, so the table is huge, with the 8 chairs around it. We don't have room to keep it open like this on a regular basis--this will only happen when we have a larger group over!

The set-up we finally decided on. Table centered in the middle of the room, six chairs around it.

Another angle

Tessa has been extra snuggly since we returned from the honeymoon. Love her.


Heather said...

The table looks great!

Dana said...

I like your table. Now you can set it with any china that you recieved from your wedding.

Lesley Rae said...

LOVE IT! I totally dig the bar height table and chairs.

We're getting a new fridge this weekend and it's SO sad that buying household appliances is now fun and exciting. We're friggin' old.

Anonymous said...

I love the look of the bar height table- although I could never have one since my grandparents wouldn't be able to sit at the table (I see them all the time).

When you get a chance can you please post how you made your table luminaries? They look easy enough but what kind of paper did you use? I am worried the flame from the candle will make the glass too hot.

Thanks so much.