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Monday, July 7, 2008

Social Security

Sitting in the Social Security office, just trying to change my name. They are currently serving number 87. I have number 51. This means I have to get all the way up to 99, then back through 1-50 before I get helped. How pathetic is that? I am going to be here for hours. Just how I wanted to spend my day. Lovely.

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Melissa said...

Oh boy I was there a few months ago at the Secretary of State. And the first lady who gave me a number said I had all the paperwork I needed. A few hours later I get called up and I dont have the correct paperwork. So I had to come back the next day.


Anonymous said...

In Texas, you have to change your driver's license before they let you change your Social Security. Sounds backwards, I know, but I hope that's not the case for you after you sat there so long!