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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pro Pics, Part 6: Bridal Party Photos

After our family photos outside, we spent a little time indoors with the bridal party, taking pics like these:

By the time we were done, the weather outside had completely cleared and it was--once again--a beautiful day. We were so happy that we were able to spend the rest of the photo time outdoors.

Our photographers scouted photo locations prior to our wedding day. They tried to find interesting places that were en route from the church to our reception site. The limo followed them to each location. When we pulled up this one and saw the huge hill, we were all wondering what the heck was going on. But it was a fun location, and we ended up with some pretty unique pictures there.

Look at that sky!

After they did the whole "lifting Michael" thing, they insisted on doing it with me, too. By this time, they had all had a few beers, so it was a little more scary than it should have been!


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

beautiful! i absolutely love the picture of the bridesmaids with their bouquets behind their backs!

also, i wanted to ask if when you had time you would go to our new library and review your wedding vendors so everyone can get your recommendations?


thanks either way! :)

Anonymous said...

The photos on the hill are amazing! I'm so jealous!

Dana said...

Your wedding pictures are so pretty.

Melissa said...

Im so glad your sharing your pictures. They are absolutely amazing. You picked a awesome photographer! I love your runner to, it looks great!