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Friday, July 25, 2008

Pro Pics, Part 2: The Guys Get Ready

The guys were scheduled to get picked up by the limo at 12:30 p.m. We told them all to meet at our house, dressed, by noon.

Michael's best man, Justin, showed up first (good guy, keeping Michael company!).

Kurtis (the husband of our husband/wife photography team) showed up between 11:30 and noon, after he had dropped off Julia at my mom's.

And this is where the day began for the guys.

Helping Michael get his cufflinks on.

Rings! Mine is there, too. You can barely see it because it's actually tucked inside of Michael's.

The groom's attire.

The groomsmen's attire (this is my brother, Trevor).

My other brother (they're twins), Tyler.

All seven guys and their shoes. Walking all over our carpet. Gotta love it.

They actually did a really good job figuring out the pocketsquares.

Someone brought over some frozen Bagel Bites for them to munch on. And here's Chef Michael. I cringe when I think of them eating these saucy, cheesy snacks in their white dress shirts (especially Michael, with the white tie!). Sometimes, it's good to be oblivious.

I guess Jay got into some of the leftover groom's cake from the rehearsal dinner the night before.

The guys hanging out, watching a movie. I'm told that "Snatch" was the film of choice.

Getting ready to go.

In this picture, Michael is cutting up cheese to take in the limo for the crackers and cheese snacks we had between the ceremony and reception. He remembered everything. Love my husband.

Michael and Justin.

They were listening to some god-awful music in the limo. Really, really heavy metal rock. I know this only because they left it on when they exited. The bridesmaids and I were greeted with it when we got on the limo a short time later.

Killing time at the church.

Did someone call the Secret Service? OK, seriously, the guys all looked so good!

Chit chatting with Father Joe.

Looks like it's time to go!

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