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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pro Pics, Part 4: The Ceremony

Our ceremony began at 2:00 p.m. We had a Catholic ceremony, but without a full mass.

My grandma, getting her corsage pinned on before the ceremony.

My mother-in-law, also getting pinned with her corsage.

The bride has arrived, the bride has arrived! Actually, I stayed on the limo coach while all of the bridesmaids went inside. Since guests were still arriving, I couldn't get into the church yet without being seen.

The ladies hanging out on the church steps.

Even though she is blurry in the background, I still love this picture of Carrie laughing at Father Joe.

It's almost time. Everyone getting lined up for the processional.

While standing in the limo, I started to hear a few rumbles of thunder. Lindsay (matron of honor) came running out to get me off the bus. She said I needed to get inside while I could because it looked like the sky could open up at any minute.

Michael's parents walking down the aisle. At this point, I was in my tiny hiding room with Lindsay. "Ave Maria" was being sung, and Lindsay and I could barely hold it together. So we just started talking and laughing as much as possible. Lindsay even started chanting "toilet water, toilet water, toilet water!" so that we would keep from crying. A funny memory.

Lighting the unity candle.

My mom was escorted down the aisle by my twin brothers. She went down to "Ave Maria" as well.

Once she lit the unity candle, she actually came back up the aisle so that she could escort me (along with my dad) down the aisle.
Peeking out of my hiding place. I wanted to see everyone enter the church. I hated that I was missing the action!
Here come the bridesmaids...






Lindsay. After Lindsay had started down, they closed the back doors so that they could situate me behind the door for the "big reveal."

Awww, look at my dad. He looks emotional.

Trying to catch my breath as "Canon in D" starts to play.

The doors open, and here we go...

Kissing my mom and dad.

Nope, I wasn't excited. Not at all.

Cutie boy Brendan. He needed a nap.

Our friend, Kristin, was our soloist. She has such a beautiful voice. She is expecting a baby girl in October.
My cousin, Carly, did the first reading.
Father Joe. Yes, he has a ponytail. He is the coolest Catholic priest EVER. :)

One of our guests checking out our layered programs.

Michael's Uncle Frank did the second reading.

Laughter during the homily.

Time for some vows!
And the rings...
Are we married yet?

The kiss!

Unity candle lighting. We used the song "One Hand, One Heart" from West Side Story. Kristin sang it beautifully, of course.

My brother's girlfriend, Marie (who, as of July 4, is actually his fiancee!), read the Prayer of the Faithful.

It's official, we're hitched!

I love these pictures of our bridal party, paired off as they come up the aisle. Everyone looks so nice! Lindsay and Justin.

Sabrina and Dave.

Bethany and Jason.

Carrie and Jay.

Melissa and Tyler.

Cristina and Trevor.

My parents. I loved getting this picture back and seeing that they were holding hands. They have been divorced for almost 20 years. And they actually get along! I know, a shocker! It's so nice for us kids, though. A big hooray for friendly parents.

Receiving line. We had to move it inside once it decided to thunder, lightning, and downpour during our ceremony. Even during the receiving line, it was absolutely pouring rain outside. I worried we wouldn't be able to take any outdoor photos.

With Father Joe before he had to hit the road.


Brittany said...

Your ceremony was beautiful!! All of the other pictures are really great too! :) I love your color scheme!

Michelle said...

I, too, have divorced parents who are friendly. Best friends actually. We are lucky girls! That is a great picture of them!

Dana said...

I do not think that my parents are going to be friendly during the wedding. My parents are to divorced. I can only hope. You pictures are pretty and it looked like you had a fun and beautiful day.

ERICA said...

Once again I am completely amused by your blog. What will I do when you are done recapping your wedding...ok just kidding, but I love reading it! Lovely as always. :)