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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


People are annoying.

As of tomorrow, we will be a week past our "due date" for our RSVPs. We still have 13 outstanding RSVPs. Well, it's actually more than that, but I started marking people off as "no" if I felt I could safely assume they weren't coming.

Last Wednesday, when we didn't receive all of our RSVPs, I decided to give people through Saturday to get their cards in to us. When we didn't get any cards on Friday or Saturday, I knew we had some following up to do. I e-mailed a bunch of people last night, asked Michael's aunt to follow up with her family, and asked Michael's mom to track down her stragglers. Today, we heard from a few, but not all.

I'll say it again: People are annoying.

We're expecting several of these people to say yes, and we expect a few others to say no. The answer is pretty obvious to us, so why isn't it obvious to them? Just send in your damn card! How difficult is it? It's pre-addressed, pre-stamped, even pre-filled-out. Just check a "yes" or "no," check a meal choice (if you're even coming) and stuff it in the envelope. Put said envelope in your mailbox with the flag up. You don't even have to leave your freaking house.

COME ON, already. I have seating charts to tackle, placecards to make, and favors to assemble.

So figure it out, people. Just figure it out.


Dana said...

Now your guest will be mad if they do not RSVP, show up and expect to eat and they can not. They need to give you the same respect and RSVP. Try to not stress about it. I think that it is more work to stress about than taking a red pen to their name.

Chitown Bride said...

It so sucks. We had the same thing - about 20 RSVPS that we had to track down! It was so annoying! I said I would always make sure to send my RSVP in the day I received it!

Kayla said...

I love all of you DIY projects. I am getting married May 23, 2009 and I want to make as many things as possible for the wedding. I love those banners you make. What do people use those for?

Nikki said...

By far, the most frustrating part of wedding planning! We make it so easy for them, and they still can't do it right!! I had to track people down, too, and I got replies like, "oh yeah, sorry about that, I keep meaning to send it." Argh! (pulling hair out)

Kelly said...

I am sending our invites out in a couple weeks and I am dreading this.

Lyndsay said...

Ugh, our deadline is next Friday and we have *so* many cards still out there. Come on people - they are self-addressed stamped postcards! How much easier could we have made it for you?! Gah.

Brittany said...

Oh yes... I definitely know how you feel!! Our RSVP date was May 10, and we have to have our final seating chart in to the reception hall May 31 since the wedding is June 7... I just finished it up today because I had to keep changing it. I made up my mind that no one else was going to have the chance to tell me "oh I lost it, can I still come?" If you lose the card, CALL us and we will write you down within an appropriate time frame... Don't wait until a week before and tell me!!
Another good idea, is when it's closer to the wedding to double check with those who did RSVP and make sure they're still coming. I've had a group of 6 say they were coming, then heard through the grapevine they weren't coming. I asked them, and what do you know, something came up and they weren't even going to tell me! When I'm paying $40 a person, I don't want to plan for 6 ($240) and have them not show...
It's stressful, and it's a pain... But just keep thinking it's going to be so worth it! The day will be beautiful and you will be marrying the man of your dreams! What more could you ask for? :)

Anonymous said...

I even gave guests the option to email, and still haven't received over half of them and the due date is this Saturday. You know everyone is on their email every day, like, at least 8 times...shoot us an email!

Heather said...

I feel your pain. I'm only on the wedding shower RSVP's. I think 8 people have responded out of about 50. And one of my fiance's good friends since childhood (who didn't RSVP, but just happened to run into my fiance) said that he doesn't think he can come because he doesn't know if he can get the time off work. Umm... the invitations went out a month in advance. I think that's enough time to find someone to cover you at your part-time job!

I am very, VERY tempted to not follow up and just let them be hungry.

I have been dreading the RSVPs since the engagement. But luckly the guests are mostly my fiance's family and friends. So he has to do most of the calling. :)

Christine said...

I know this post was a long time ago, but it is on my mind as I remembered thinking, "Oh God, I hope this doesn't happen to me!" Well, my due date is tomorrow. The number of invites sent: 70. Invites received thus far: 38. Just over 1/2. Travelers have no excuse as they received a save-the-dates. Other people - how hard is it to check the calendar, decide what to eat and send it. Ugh!!! And most of them are family - almost all friends have sent them back!