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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day One

I am starving. STARVING.

I had forgotten how small an actual serving size of cereal is. I almost cried when I poured it into my bowl this morning. One of my greatest pleasures in life is a big bowl of cereal every morning. I love cereal.

I ate breakfast at 8:00. My stomach was already starting to eat itself by 10:00. I managed to hold off on my lunch until 11:45ish. My lunch was normal--I've eaten the same things for lunch off Weight Watchers as I did when I was on it. But it's 1:30 and I am already starting to feel the tinge in my stomach again. How is this even possible?

I think I need to take some kind of sleeping pill and just knock myself out for the next seven weeks. In theory, I'd wake up super skinny. Not to mention well rested.


Abi said...

you might need more protent and fiber in your diet. i never can go with just ceral when i'm losing weight. try an egg sandwich

it will be okay!

Heather said...

Sadly, I'm a horribly picky eater and don't like eggs.

Plus, I just hate to give up my cereal. :( Though I suppose I might have to give it a shot--just until the wedding. Perhaps peanut butter toast will serve me better. We'll see.

I do eat cereal that is high in fiber--didn't help me this morning!

Since I posted earlier, I figured out that this is my PMS week. I'm usually insatiable during these days, so it's probably just a "phase." What crappy timing!

Jenna said...

There shouldn't be any reason that you can't have the amount of cereal you want in the mornings. Calories are like a bank account, it doesn't matter how much you eat at one time, just your overall calories in/calories out. Treat yourself to your cereal, but cut back on something else later in the day (or the week!)