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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Things Remembered = Big Fat Ripoff

I hate Things Remembered.

Sure, I buy things from there and use their services sometimes, but that's mostly because there's no where else to do it.

So, when we were given our Lenox Jubilee Pearl toasting flutes and cake serving set for the wedding, I figured I'd be taking them there to get them engraved. I looked up prices online, which didn't seem too bad, and on Tuesday, I drove to the mall to go and drop the stuff off for engraving.

When I walked in, they told me that I'd have to pay $10 for each item right off the bat, just for carrying them into their store (as opposed to buying them there). In addition, the engraving prices they quoted me were more expensive than those I had found on their website. It would have cost me like $70 just to have this stuff engraved.

I turned around and walked right back out of the store.

I ended up calling around and found a couple of other little shops in town that might be able to do the engraving for us. Well, I say "might"--they said they could--but I want to go in and check them out, see what fonts they can use, etc.

All this work because Things Remembered is a big fat ripoff.


Anonymous said...

What a shame, I love things Remembered. I buy stuff from them all the time and it always turns out beautiful. Maybe it wasn't expensive for me because I bought there product.

Anonymous said...

I've also gotten things engraved there and it hasn't been too bad. Their engraving fee is $3/word. I went onto their website and got an estimate of what the cost would be, and the store was consistent. Maybe call another store in the area and get a quote over the phone? (that's some BS though about the $10 fee b/c you didn't buy it there, I'd be mad too!)

Jacki said...

Yeah... they always charge the $10 fee if you didn't buy it there... I've encountered it a couple times during a last minute rush... Sucks... They actually mis-printed my parents' anniversary gift a few years ago... and blamed me for it... Since then, haven't gone back. Sorry that you, too, had a bad experience.

Anonymous said...

Don't go to Thing's Remembered. If they screw up the engraving the only way for you to receive compensation is to surrender the article(s). I am going round with them right now over their ridiculous refund policy. I am sure you don't want to lose your toasting glasses.

Anonymous said...

Hello. My name is Joseph, and I am a manager at Things Remembered in Columbus, Ohio. I just wanted to clear a few things up.

1. The reason for the "carry in" fee is to protect the customer. Think of it as insurance of sorts. This futhers the guarantee of your satisfaction. If we ruin the item in any means, we buy it from you, and give you the money for what you paid for it, or buy the new item and re-engrave it at no extra charge. Your happiness is our #1 priority.

2. Even if we recieve a workorder with a bad spelling or wrong information, we as a store "eat" that item and reengrave it no charge. I apologize to Jacki on behalf of the company, and hope this makes you feel a little better.

3. As redundant as this sounds, we appreciate everyone for your honest feedback. Believe me, I have my frustrations with the store, but doesn't everyone? We appreciate your business, and if there anything I can do to make you come back, feel free to email me at mrjoedawgbrother@aim.com

Thank you.

Joseph Moorer