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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Family Time

We drove down to Michael's sister's to spend time with his family yesterday. It was a lot of driving for one day (about 5 hours roundtrip), but it was worth it because we got to see them. Especially the little guy: our nephew, Brendan. He is just about 9 months old now and is as cute as ever. He has just started to crawl so watching him try to improve his new skill was pretty amazing.

Several pics that I can't help but share:

This last one is of their dachshund, Max. He's bigger than Tess (he's about 18 lbs., Tess is only 11 lbs.), but other than that, it is amazing how similar they are. Every time we're down there we can't get over how similarly they act. They do look similar, too.

Of course, all day there was a lot of wedding talk. With only four weeks to go, we're all trying to figure out the logistics of everything. It was cute--at one point, we were talking about what time the families should arrive at the church and stuff, and Michael's mom got all teary-eyed! So funny, if she's like this now, I don't know if she'll make it through the wedding day! :)

I still don't know if I'll make it through the wedding day (without crying, that is). We shall see.

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