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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Now that we are just a little more than three weeks out, I keep getting the question, "Are you stressed yet?"

In large part, the answer is no. I really wouldn't call myself stressed at all. A little overwhelmed at times, but while there is still a lot left to do, it's not THAT much left to do. I guess I'm confident in my ability to get it all done.

Hopefully I'm not overconfident.

Honestly, though, I think the reason I'm not stressed yet is because of a little thing called denial. Ah, denial, how I love thee.

I absolutely, positively cannot get my head around the fact that we're getting married in three weeks. No matter how many times I say it or remind myself, regardless of how fast I know three weeks go by, the wedding still seems so far away. It is strange. Three weeks seems like a lot of time, and yet I know it's not. And so I can only attribute my feelings to denial. Maybe it is my brain's defense mechanism against having a nervous breakdown. Who knows?

(Just about) three weeks. 24 days. Three more weekends. 14 more work days until I'm officially on "wedding vacation."

Weird. It's just so weird.


Bianca said...

Hello. I call Bianca am Brazilian and I am delighted with your skills to prepare everything for their marriage ... My marriage is on 22/11/08 and I am also doing many things myself .. to spend less and to take different things ... Simply Amei her aisle runner .. shame that I do not know what fabric to use here in Brazil ...
But you leave the congratulations for his efforts and abilities .. I am sure that your marriage is wonderful! Health and peace ...

bia.reg @ hotmail.com

Michelle said...

I am 6 days away and it hasn't hit me yet. It still feels too far away. But don't Saturdays always seem far from Mondays?

I think riday I will think it is real! Finish those projects because the last few weeks zoom by.

carrie said...

The night before my wedding, even after the rehearsal dinner, it didn't feel like I was going to get married tomorrow. It didn't feel like I was getting married until the day of.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I am getting married this Saturday and that's so surreal to me. I don't feel like MY wedding is this weekend. Don't think it'll sink it until I am in the back of that Church!