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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prepping and Pampering

Tonight, I had another dress fitting. She wanted to check the hem again before she made any permanent changes to the dress (i.e. cutting!) and she also wanted to figure out the bustle. The first time I went, she said the dress really needed to be pressed to see the true length of it. So today, she made a few adjustments for the hem, and then showed me a couple of potential bustles. We're going with a three-point underbustle; I think it'll look nice. I go back on June 7 for my final fitting. Whoa!

Also tonight, Michael and I sat down and went over a little bit of music for the reception. We got a start, I guess, but it feels like we didn't really make any progress. Our DJ has an online planning system, so we were able to electronically go through his music and select songs for "priority," "additional," and "do not play." We also decided that we don't want to play boring jazz or classical music during cocktail hour and dinner, but instead just want to play songs that we like that just might not be ideal for dancing. So we wrote down a few ideas for that, too. We have a meeting with the DJ on Friday and the big things we need to figure out are all of the "special selections"--bridal party intro, our intro, first dance, father/daughter, mother/son, cake cutting, bouquet toss, and garter toss. The only one we have figured out for all of that? The first dance.

We're screwed.

Tomorrow we meet with the priest performing the ceremony to go over the nitty gritty details with him. Fortunately, the ceremony is one thing that I think we actually do have figured out already. Readings and songs have been selected, thank god. Well, there is one thing outstanding... we still need to ask our readers. Whoops. We should probably get on that, given that the wedding is 4.5 weeks away.

The other thing I have accomplished this week is to set up pre-wedding pampering! I made an appointment to have all of my bridesmaids, my mom, Michael's mom, and two out-of-town close friends (one of my mom's, one of Michael's mom's) to meet at a nail salon and all have manicure/pedicures. We found a salon that could accommodate all of us at once, their prices are reasonable ($35 total for both mani and pedi!), and they said they would pretty much shut the place down for us. They're still obligated to take any walk-ins that may come, but they're not going to schedule any other appointments during the time period we'll be there. Since this is all starting at 11:00 a.m. the day before the wedding, and we'll likely be there until around 2:00 p.m., I'm going to have lunch brought in for everybody (my treat). I guess this is sort of my version of "bridesmaids luncheon." It should be really fun, I'm excited for it.

32 days! That's all for now.


Kelly Rose said...

I feel so relieved that you haven't asked your readers yet, lol! We're 45 days out and are still debating who to ask! I guess it is time to just make a decision! :)

Best of luck with the last month!

Deanna Harvey said...

Hi Heather,I have a question for you? If you don't mind me asking? Are you paying for everyone's mani's and pedi's? Or is everyone paying for themselves and you are buying lunch? (which is a great touch btw) I would like to do something like this the day of (I am getting married on a Friday) but my budget may not allow for the extra expenditure? Thanks.

Heather said...

Hey Deanna,

No, unfortunately, I cannot afford to pay for everyone's mani/pedis. I wish I could! I can't afford to pay for hair/makeup for anyone (for the day of), either. :(

But I've just left everything completely open with everyone--everything is totally optional. They are being "invited" to the salon, and I was upfront with everyone about what it costs, and said that lunch was my treat. Most of my bridesmaids are either married, or have been in weddings before, so they understand.

If I was asking them to go to a really fancy salon/spa and pay $75+ for a mani/pedi, I would feel really bad. But I did a lot of research to find a place that was nice, clean, AND affordable, so I really hope none of them are cursing me for it! :)

Deanna said...

Thanks for the insite. I am in the same boat, I can't afford to pay either, but in my head I feel like I SHOULD because I guess I am feeling guilty about people forking out money for something on me! I know, I need therapy! lol.

Well that helps alot, so thank you! :)