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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ladies' Night

Well, I guess it's actually a ladies' day.

My bachelorette party is officially planned for May 31. We've had the date booked for a while, but we have been slowly working out the details. I realized this week that I really needed to get the final plans out to all of the girls invited since, as of Saturday, it's only two weeks away.

We're starting off the festivities with a wine tour from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. We rented a 14-passenger van through a limo company. We wanted to go with a traditional limo first, but they were just too expensive. The van is cheaper, and we figure it's a designated driver... it's just as good.

We're going to ride down to one of the Finger Lakes and tour as many wineries as we can fit in. Then, once we get back, we're going straight to dinner. There, my mom and future mother-in-law will join us, as well as a few pregnant friends who didn't want to go on the wine tour (understandably). All in all, I estimate that the big bachelorette party will end at maybe 7:30-8:00 p.m.! My kind of night.

No, seriously.

I'm not into the bar scene anymore. By the end of college (and the ripe old age of 21), I was pretty much over it. I love to enjoy drinks and get together with friends. But I prefer to do that over dinner somewhere, or at someone's (or our) house. It's more relaxing, you can actually hear people when they talk, it's more personal, and it's less expensive. And we're usually home by midnight. :)

I knew right away that I really didn't want to do a bar crawl or anything like that for my bachelorette party. I have friends coming in from out of town and the last thing I want to do is take a huge group out to bars and not even get to spend time with any of them. We did a wine tour a couple of years ago for our friends' joint bachelor/bachelorette party and I thought it was a great idea. So here we are.

And honestly, I could do without the silly bachelorette games and props and all of that jazz. But I'm pretty sure there will probably be some of that. The obligatory veil and penis straws and God knows what else. But I'm going to suck it up, likely embarrass myself, and just go with the flow. Because what the hell--you're only the bachelorette once.

Michael's bachelor party is the same day, except his is more traditional and they are going out at night. All night, in fact. They have a limo rented for an ungodly amount of hours with way too many guys invited. Big bachelor party. But it sounds like they're going to enjoy themselves and that is all that counts.

On May 31, we'll be only three weeks from the wedding. We'll deserve to cut loose and forget about things for a while.

And we'll have a good 21 days to recover from it all. ;) Just in time to get married.


Linda said...

I'm definitely not wanting a bar crawl for my bachelorette either. Although I think we'll be out later than 8pm though. But we'll start around 7-8pm.

Brittany said...

I like the way you think! I actually just had my bachelorette party last Friday. We went to a late dinner at a nice restaurant, drove around the city, and then all crashed at one place while we watched 27 dresses and had (probably too much) wine. :) I was just as happy with that as I would have been with anything else. My fiance had a bachelor weekend... He and his pals went golfing, gambling, bar hopping, baseball game, and more bar hopping. I was just as happy with my $50 night than his $400 weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Is it really that common to get trashed with strippers anymore? I do not know too many people who want that. I personally do not either!

For my Sister's party we went to her favorite restaurant. It's called Mongolian Barbecue and their motto is, "we do it on the grill!" We all had T-shirts that said their motto with either Bride, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid, or Mother of the Bride on it. We ate there and then went to a pottery place... My Sister decorated a pasta serving dish that said, "The Adams Family" (Her new last name) and we all made pasta bowls with the theme of navy blue like her new kitchen. It was such a great day and she loved it.