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Friday, May 9, 2008

Tired Today

The Bryan Adams concert last night was so much fun. I had never seen him before, but love so many of his songs. He's doing a solo, acoustic tour to promote his new album, so it was in a really small venue.

We didn't even know we were going to go. We didn't hear about the concert until probably Monday or Tuesday, when we heard it advertised on the radio. At the time, we checked Ticketmaster and saw that tickets were still available, but we were busy with other things and kept putting off buying them.

Yesterday morning, Michael IMed me and let me know that they were sold out. And of course, that was when we decided that we really wanted to go. Figures! We kept checking Craigslist throughout the day, and I called on a couple of ads, but they had already sold the tickets. When I got home at about 5:20, I checked again... and there was a new ad, just placed at 5:05. The guy was trying to get rid of two tickets. I called, and he said we could have them. Michael was at a dentist appointment and didn't even get home until almost 6:30... and we had to meet the guy outside the venue door by 7:00. It was quite a rush, but we made it.

And it was well worth it! Great, great show. He played probably 3-4 songs off of his new album. The rest were old, the hits! The stuff I wanted to hear! "Run to You," "The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me," "Straight from the Heart," "When You Love Someone," "Please Forgive Me," "Let's Make a Night to Remember," "Cuts Like a Knife," OF COURSE "Summer of '69," and more. He pretended he was done two different times, and ended up coming back on stage for more when stomping, clapping, and chanting ensued. Because of the acoustic setting and smaller crowd, he did a lot of talking about the songs, telling stories, etc. which was really cool. He ended with "All for Love," the collaboration he did with Rod Stewart and Sting. Well, except Stewart and Sting weren't there. That would have been quite the surprise, huh? :)

I'd like to see him again someday, playing with the full band. Hopefully he'll come through this area again sometime in the next few years.

The show was extra special because we're using a Bryan Adams song for our first dance at the wedding. He didn't play it last night (we didn't expect him to--it's one of his lesser known songs), but still--to see him in concert only six weeks before the wedding was pretty cool.

Today, I can't get his songs out of my head. And in 43 days, we'll be dancing our first dance as husband and wife to "I'll Always Be Right There." Exciting!

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Amber said...

I would love to know how you put the RSVP tracker on your blog?

You're big day is coming fast, congrats!!! Everything look wonderful!!!!