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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bubbly & Sweets

I have so many things I could post about. This close to the wedding, there are so many things going on, so many projects I'm working on... This weekend, you may find that there are multiple posts a day.

Unfortunately, I'm not ready to share pics of the programs. I ran into a little bump in the road with them... I took them to the copy center at work to get the pages cut, and the lady cut them wrong. Just the one page, but it annoys the crap out of me. I don't have extra paper or the time to redo them, so I'm going to have to live with it... but before I put them together, there's something I might want to pick up at Michael's. We'll see. Either way, I'll have something ready sometime tomorrow and I'll be sure to share.

I thought I'd be able to show you pics of some of my place cards tonight. Only problem is that I started them... and after doing 10 of them, I'm thinking of nixing the whole design idea and going with something else. Gotta love changing your mind this late, huh? First with the programs, now with the place cards. But the thing is... I'm changing my mind so that things are easier on me. It's just that this late in the game, there are things that I'm not sure are worth the time and effort.

Anyway, what I can share... our toasting flutes and cake serving set. It was difficult to take photos of them. I'm sure our photographers will do a much better job at the reception, thank god!

We did end up having everything engraved at Things Remembered. As much as I hate that place, I honestly did not have any choice. I looked into every other available option I could find, and they either couldn't do it, or it was even more expensive than Things Remembered. Sickening what these people charge for something that really doesn't take long to do at all. Ugh. But I decided to bite the bullet and just get them done last Saturday... I couldn't bear to spend any more time thinking about it. You get to a certain point and you just want to get shit done.

Here they are:

The toasting flutes were given to us as a gift at our engagement party last August. They are the Lenox Jubilee Pearl flutes. They were purchased at Macy's.

Take 1 with Tessa's nose in the way (she's so nosy)

Take 2. You can see a little bit of the stems, which have pearls inside.

This is the best photo I could get of the serving set. It was too difficult to get a good photo of the engraving. But on the server, it has our names and date. On the knife, just the date.

Pearls inside the handles. Also from the Lenox Jubilee Pearl line. Once we got the toasting flutes, we decided we wanted the matching serving set. We ended up registering at Macy's, so we put the set on the registry and got it at the shower.

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anna said...

Hi Heather!

We all know you're busy, but when you get a minute (!) update us on the music situation! I'm sure a lot of us girls who posted suggestions are curious to see what you guys went with.

Other than that, don't give up! You're so close to being done and I'm betting it will all be worth it in 8 DAYS!!!

Good luck!