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Monday, June 9, 2008

I can't stand it

OK, it's official. I have reached that point.

I am so excited, I can't even stand it.

Finally, things are beginning to feel real. Our wedding is next week. NEXT week!

This is my last full week of work. That itself is weird to think about. Next week, I'm only working Monday and Tuesday (how torturous are those days going to be) and then I'm out until July 8! Longest vacation I have ever taken.

I really just want it to get here already. This morning, I signed onto The Knot and wandered over to the June '08 board. All of these 6-7-08 ladies were posting about how wonderful their weddings were, how excited they were to finally be married, how they were leaving for their honeymoons, sharing teaser pics, etc. I was actually envious! I just cannot wait for that to be us.

And it will be. Just (seemingly) not soon enough.

I know it'll fly by. I have so much stuff left to do, and I know I shouldn't be wishing away my precious time in which to do it. But nevertheless, here I am... wishing the 18th would get here already (my first day off of work, when all things "wedding" begin!). My dad gets into town that day and my goal is to really get all of the "project" stuff done by then. That way, I can run around and do last-minute errand type things, but I can also enjoy myself, spend some time with my dad and other family, etc.

This week is another busy one, so I'm sure next week will be here before I know it. Wednesday, we have a work shower/luncheon. Michael is coming for it, and they'll have lunch ordered in for the whole department. Thursday, we have our last meeting with our photographers. Friday, I have a meeting with the ceremony coordinator at the church. Saturday, my haircut/highlighting and my final dress fitting. In between all of this... I still have quite a list of projects (the two big ones: place cards and programs) to finish up.

I have also started the dreaded checking of the weather report. I know enough not to take stock in anything that it says (hell, even our five-day weather forecasts are usually a complete crapshoot around here), but it's still an addiction.

Also today, I finally booked our helicopter tour on Kauai. We went with Inter-Island Helicopters, because they fly with the doors off, which is supposed to be spectacular. And this morning, I received an e-mail from Priceline reminding me about my car rental reservation in Maui. These things aren't helping curb the excitement level at all. Not AT ALL.

12 days to go!


Linda said...

That's so awesome. I can't wait to be down to one week!

rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs said...

Yay!! We're so excited for you!

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...


Rachel said...

you have done a great job with everything you have posted, i have kept up on watching your site. My wedding is in december. I loved your ideas and have used them for a base for mine. Thank you, and I hope you have a great wedding!

Elizabeth said...

I sent an email to my fiance this morning that said "OMG our wedding is NEXT Saturday! I can't believe I can say that!" (mine is the 21st too) I'm going insane with excitement too! Good luck with all the last-minute stuff!