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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Guess who called today

The jeweler. My ring is done.

That's right, done. You know, the ring that a stupid saleslady told me would take 10 days, and couldn't possibly be done by Friday. Turns out that the "10 day process" only takes 2 days.

When the woman called me (who just so happened to be Michelle, the lady who originally told me it could be done), she said, "I'm calling to let you know your ring is ready." I immediately said, "Get outta here!" She said, "Well, I couldn't let you go without your engagement ring for too long!" I told her that I appreciated it, but was very surprised to hear from them so soon since the other lady had made it seem like it would be a stretch to get it done by Friday. So she said, "Well, you just stick with me from now on!" I told her I will!

So tonight, Michael and I went over to pick it up. I was anxious to see it. It looks AWESOME. It is SO sparkly that it nearly blinded all of us as she took it out of the bag. And there is not a scratch on it. It looks just like it did a year ago when Michael gave it to me for the first time. And I had forgotten how good it looked! :)

It looks so good, in fact, that I refuse to wear it. I'm voluntarily living with a naked hand until Friday. And that's that.

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Tracy said...

I LOVE Michelle! She sold FI my engagement ring. We picked it out together and when I realized it was the one I got teary and she gave me a huge hug! when I went back to get it sized and another women on the phone had told me 10 days, and Michelle was like 'pshh, we will get it back to you in no more than 5'. I love love love her. Everytime I go in to get it cleaned she is such a sweetheart. I cant wait to go back to her for our bands!