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Friday, June 13, 2008

Save your place

I made the place cards tonight! They are all done... this is one big project that I'm so happy to have done. Only one more big one to go (programs).

As I mentioned yesterday, I originally had one idea (it involved wrapping ribbon around the place card), but after I had done 10 of them last night, I decided I didn't want to do them any more. Too much work. I had a little lightbulb moment and thought of something else I could do.

So today, I took a ride to Michael's and picked up several last minute things I needed for the wedding... and also found a cool flower punch to use on these place cards.

I made a place card for each individual. We wanted to include the meal choices on them so people would remember what they selected. It was a total of 138 cards that had to be made. I used leftover aqua cardstock from the pocketfolds, and also leftover linen cardstock from the invitations. I printed and cut them at home.

And so now I give you... the finished place cards!


Sarah said...

Your place cards turned out really cute! So simple yet they tie in with your theme perfecty!

tina said...

Great job! What a relief to be done for sure. I can't wait to see the Plan B programs! Good luck this week.

Anonymous said...

All the little details for your wedding are going to be beautiful. Make sure your photographer gets pictures of all your hard work!

Amber said...

OMG, I'm in love. I just e-mailed my calligrapher and told her to stop the presses, I may be changing things up...You are in inspiration to a burnt out August Bride with no DIY left to spare!

I'm going to go blog about you and you're BEAUTIFUL cards....right....NOW! ;-)